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    Tips + Tip Pooling
    • TEMPLATE: Tip Credit Notice with Pooling Agreement
    • TEMPLATE: Tip Credit Notice without Pooling Agreement
    • TEMPLATE: Minimum Wage Pooling Agreement
    • VIDEO: Lexi walks you through tips + tip pooling, what to look out for and how to get around it like a pro.
    • LEGAL BREAKDOWN: New law alert, baby! Exactly who can share tips and when. Plus, dual jobs vs. side duties and the increased penalty for sharing a single red cent with THESE folks.
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    Written Pay Practices
    • TEMPLATE: Pay Practices Policy for Employee Handbook
    • VIDEO: Lexi walks you through written pay practices, what to look out for and how to get around it like a pro.
    • LEGAL BREAKDOWN: The single greatest reason your employees will want to sue you. Learn from the mistake this celeb made in her (now closed) restaurant.
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    Non-Exempt Employees
    • TEMPLATE: Overtime Policy + Procedures for Employee Handbook
    • TEMPLATE: Payroll Deduction Authorization Form Template
    • VIDEO: Lexi walks you through non-exempt employees, what to look out for and how to get around it like a pro.
    • LEGAL BREAKDOWN: The simple mistake employers walk into again and again. Hint: You're the master in all areas, except for THIS.
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    Exempt Employees
    • QUESTIONNAIRE: The easy peasy questionnaire to nail down employee exemptions once-and-for-all.
    • VIDEO: Lexi walks you through exempt employees, what to look out for and how to get around it like a pro.
    • LEGAL BREAKDOWN: If the word "exemption" makes you want to hide under the table. Plus, the 3 misclassification mistakes that can cost you, BIG.


  • Does this apply to restaurants in every state?

    All of the forms and walk-throughs are based on United States federal law, which applies to every single restaurant in the country. Generally, where state law differs, I say so, but I don't cover the specific law on every issue in all 50 states. (That would defeat the purpose of offering an affordable, proactive solution, ammiright?). Where state law differs, take these templates to your local attorney and have them tweak them to state specific standards.

  • I already have HR at my restaurant. So, am I good?

    HR professionals are excellent to have on staff for day-to-day employee administration. But here's the difference: I'm an attorney that's been in the legal trenches with employers after it's all fallen apart. So, I know first-hand what particular issues can become colossal problems if handled wrong, and I've designed this material specifically to help employers get them right.

  • You say this will help me prevent employee lawsuits. Is that a guarantee?

    I can't stand in front of the courthouse and tackle an employee who tries to file a suit against you. So no, I cannot guarantee that you won't get sued. But I can tell you this: lawsuits typically don't exist without either a mistake or a misunderstanding. And this material gives you the knowledge, the policies and the templates to help you prevent that from happening.

  • Is this legal advice?

    No, this is not legal advice. This is an educational resource designed to make you aware of your legal obligations as an employer and to provide tools to meet those obligations. It is not a substitute for hiring your own attorney in your own jurisdiction.

  • Does buying this make you my attorney?

    No. That takes way more paperwork and something resembling a blood oath to keep your darkest secrets.

  • Do you offer a refund?

    Due to the digital nature of the product, there is nothing that can be returned and so I’m unable to offer refunds. However, I’m glad to answer any questions you might have to help you make this product work for you! (But, no legal advice, of course).

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